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1973 Family Album

In March of 1973, Mum, Dad, Audrey and Bill flew to Hawaii. They hopped between three islands, Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Oahu.
Sandy beach, beautiful blue ocean, palm trees, friends, warm weather, cold drinks…seems pretty nice to me. No wonder this is Mum’s favorite place in the world.
Dad simulating the Kilauea volcano.
Coconut water before it became a thing.
An evening out.
Off to another island.
I love this photo of Uncle Bill on the road up Mauna Kea.
The black sand of the Big Island.
These seriously over-exposed photos capture the turquoise ocean, the white hot sand and the playful exuberance of our parents.
Meanwhile at home, Grandpa Muir takes some springtime photos of his garden.
Caught by surprise, Grandma and Auntie Vera are unsmiling, but I thought you would enjoy this glimpse of Grandma Muir’s kitchen. According to a contemporary postcard, Auntie Vera and Uncle Bill traveled to Eureka about this time, so they might have stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Muir for a day or so.
In May, the Lewis and Zaharoff families drove up to Tulameen for a couple of days. Looks a little cool.
It occurs to me…perhaps the reason we were in Tulameen in May was that this was our last chance to visit. As I recall, the lake flooded the outhouses in early spring, septic systems were prohibitive and The Tulameen Resort could not survive. Charlie and Gladys Thomas were forced to close their business by public health authorities.
One of the fancier cabins.
Just look at that stove! What a beauty!
In front of the Thomases’ general store.
Charlie Thomas and Dad. Don’t know what’s with the crazy hat.
Gladys Thomas and Uncle Bill.
The old Dominion hotel.
Barb and Dave don’t appear in any other of the 1973 Tulameen photos. Did they come up for just a day or so? This looks more like Manning Park than Tulameen.
Here we are in May at Westwood, where Dave is about to race his car. The pit crew is making some last minute adjustments.
Oh-oh. This can’t be good.
The crew.
Gentlemen, start your engines!
Hmmm. I don’t see a chequered flag.
On July19, 1973, Karen Andersen was born.
Grandma and Grandpa Muir went to Edmonton to visit.
Sometime in the summer of 1973, Mum and Dad met the Merediths, who seem to be minus Joanne in this series, for a cruise on the Meredith boat.
Also in the summer of 1973 this group plus Dad went over to Bowser on Vancouver Island to spend a few days with old friends Stan and Florence Kennett at their family cabin.
Stan and Florence preparing crabmeat on the beach for chowder.
At summer’s end, Barb and Dave host a family barbecue in their back yard. If the yard doesn’t look familiar, it is because these photos were taken before the Hutchisons renovated their home with a new patio, kitchen, bedroom and garage.
Surprise cake for Audrey’s forthcoming birthday?
Around September 24, some of the Lewises, the Zaharoffs, the Merediths and Grandma and Grandpa Muir travelled to Penticton to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Grandma Muir’s sister, Auntie Vera and her husband Uncle Bill Pollock. I think this photo was taken at the Summerland Research Station, where Auntie Vera worked after their marriage.
Auntie Vera and Uncle Bill Pollock celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
Our cousins, the Pollock family.
After the trip to Penticton for the Pollock anniversary, it appears that some folks carried on to Edmonton to visit Jacquie, Ken and the new baby, Karen.
Back home, Grandpa’s September garden has reached its zenith.
In September, Cathy enters Grade 12. This is her grad portrait taken in the Autumn of 1973.
November: Bob and his friends, dressed for a costume party, are threatening Bob’s younger brother Jack. The scene is fake, but Bob’s sideburns are not.
The Christmas season arrives.
Christmas Day. The Hayes visit for brunch.
Grandma Lewis, Dad’s mother, age 78 here.
Old Grandma Lewis is not impressed by the antics of Art Hayes.
On December 25, 1973, Christmas dinner was hosted by the Zaharoffs.
Boxing Day dinner with the other Lewis family.
George (Dad’s brother), Margaret (his wife). David, Douglas and Joanne
Grandma & Grandpa Muir celebrated their fifty-plus-one anniversary with the top tier of the previous year’s fruitcake.

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